La terra nostra è un mostro di mare

15.07. 19.11.2023
Curated by Claudio Zecchi and Paolo Mele

Linhas Tortas

02.09. 11.11.2023
Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo
Curated by Diana Campbell

Ståhl Collection

02.09.2023 –
Yllefabriken, Norrköping, Sweden

On the pulse of water

22.09. 29.10.2023
Curated by Tawanda Appiah

The TV Trampoline / From Children’s Television to Contemporary Art and Literature

03.10.2023 – 28.01.2024
Konstmuseet i Norr, Kiruna, Sweden
Curated by Andjeas Ejiksson and Maria Lind

I see no difference between a handshake and a poem

14.10. 25.11.2023
Curated by Fernanda Brenner

Nobody Forgets Nothing

24.11.2023 – 13.01.2024
Francisca Minini, Milan, Italy