Blind Spots / 2014

Documentation of burned light bulbs and burned neon tubes in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin, December 2013. Slide projection loop, 40 original images in a Kodak slide projection carousel with timer
Variable projection size

Blind Spots is one part of a series of works that revolve around the great temples of knowledge and education that were constructed in Europe in the form of museums during the colonial era. During a residence in Berlin, Runo Lagomarsino visited the Museumsinsel district where the major German collections of ancient art are grouped together. The suite of transparencies could be likened to a portrait of the Pergamon Museum, created by the various light sources of the building. The lamps emerge as silent witnesses to the project of enlightenment and the archaeological discoveries that would be of such key importance to the self-image of Northern Europe. The broken lamps also serve as a crass image of the workaday life of the cultural institution.