Trans-Atlantic II (From Santos to Trelleborg) / 2022–2024

95 sheets of undeveloped photographic paper inserted in books before crossing the Atlantic Ocean

12,5 × 9 cm each

In 2022 we decided to close down our apartment in Sao Paulo, pack everything and ship it with a container to Malmö, the city we had been having as our main residence for the last 7 years.
During the packing (which I was not part of) I asked my partner to randomly put unexposed black and white photographic paper in books in a dark space. The books were then put in boxes, that were put in the container. It crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a ship and arrived in Sweden 3 months later, to our new home. On the arrival I unpacked the books from the boxes and then sent the photographic papers for developing.

What fascinates the artist is the ability of light to find its way even in such secluded space as a book, inside a box inside a container. That the photographic paper imprints off the books, traces its own mobility, its own journey crossing the ocean. Emphasizing the idea that the history of the Atlantic is the story of a world in motion. Trans-Atlantic II is the continuation of the artist’s work Trans-Atlantic from 2010–2011 where Lagomarsino arranged for a set of newsprint papers to travel across the Atlantic Ocean with a solo sailor, from South Africa to Brazil. During the journey, the papers were exposed to the sun, which transformed the sheets from unmarked surfaces into unique pieces of narration.